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Community Service & Proctoring Requirements

All members and candidates must complete 8 hours of community service each semester. At least 4 hours have to through BAP sponsored events, but all 8 hours can be done with BAP. All members and candidates must also proctor 3 exams during the semester (2 regular semester exams and 1 final exam). Officers are not required to proctor exams or complete community service hours, as they commit time to the chapter serving in their role. However, should additional proctoring needs or emergencies arise and all members/candidates have committed to proctoring 3 (2 regular semester and 1 final) exams, officers must fulfill these requests. If officers perform any community service (BAP or non-BAP) or proctoring, they should report this information to the membership secretary.

The President will inform you of BAP sponsored events, along with their location and time as well as provide a proctoring schedule.  You may sign up for community service events and proctoring slots via our Blackboard site. All sign-ups are on a first come, first serve basis. The Secretary will track each member's/candidate's proctoring and community service hours throughout the semester. Expect to hear from the Secretary if you have not been turning in forms or performing your community service. It is not wise to wait until the last minute to complete your hours.


The President is responsible for coordinating with instructors about proctoring needs and providing a schedule to members/candidates. Instructors will contact members/candidates with details relating to the proctoring assignment (building and room location, time to arrive, etc.). Unless you hear otherwise from the instructor, please arrive at the exam location at least 15 minutes prior to the exam start time.

Reporting Completed Service and Exam Proctoring

Please coordinate with the President to sign up for community service and proctoring, but report completed service and proctoring assistance to the Secretary. Candidates have until initiation to complete community service and proctoring requirements (with the exception of final exam proctoring and A200 tutoring sessions held after this date). If they have not met these requirements, they will be unable to participate in initiation. Members have until one week before classes end to fulfill and report these requirements (with the exception of final exam proctoring and A200 tutoring sessions held after this date). The requirements will not be considered fulfilled until members/candidates return completed, signed service and proctoring forms. All forms must be returned to the Secretary within one week from when the student completed the activity.  Forms must reflect the signature of who they assisted in proctoring and a signature of the superior present when they completed community service. Students may deliver forms directly, scan and e-mail them, or place them in the BAP mailbox located on the 6th floor of SMC. Forms may be accessed at

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